About us

We, Andi and Peter, are living are in Reinbek, close to the beautiful “Sachsenwald”, with our two sons. After having the kids grow up, we finally managed to make our long lived dream of a four legged member of the family come true. The decision for a retriever was made quickly. And after an intensive search of various race descriptions, we finally chose a flat coated retriever due to its character and its elegant and powerful appearance.

It was quite a coincidence that during our endeavours of finding the dog of our dreams in June of 2008, we made the acquaintance of Eric Fehrs (Erix), a breeder living nearby and planning on having his second litter (B-litter).

From the beginning, we got along very well and were made the promise to purchase a male dog from this litter. After what seemed like an endless waiting period of 6 month, Erix Beat Music “Carlos Primero” moved in with us in February 2009. Just as expected, he completely turned our life upside down.

Thanks to Carlos, we got to meet a variety of other flat owners and their dogs and it didn’t take long for us to become completely “flatified”. Consequently, it was no surprise that we wanted to present Carlos at shows which turned out to be very successful.
But as we also wanted to occupy him with exercises in respect of his breed, Peter started working with him and after every test he passed, the bar was raised.

We are grateful to be able to live with such a healthy, beautiful, gentle and passionately working fellow, who enriches our life every day.

Summer 2012

Unsere kleine Familie