Water is his passion

Nothing in the world aside from his humans could be more important for him than water. For us, it is always an adventure watching him work so happily.

Pure vitality

If there is one thing god especially blessed him with, it’s the will to please.

A faithful soul

Wherever we are, Carlos is with us. No day goes by without him being with us – and why should it? He is part of the family and also enjoys the days he has no “work” to do.

Life near the Baltic Sea

...gives us the opportunity to plan great weekend trips with friends, who share our passion. Whether on the beach, in Grömitz’ yachting port or in the woods. Usually, a great number of dogs sweetens us these days.

Work & Show results

Carlos and Peter love the dummy training just like the working tests.


This section is for news about Carlos. Stay all time up to date.


In this section you'll find some facts about Carlos Offspring and a small gallery.

Moin Moin!

It’s our pleasure that you found the way onto our website.

Of course, we thought back and forth whether such a website could be of any interest. Eventually, we figured out that there was quite a lot of people showing their interest in Carlos, mostly on Facebook.

On the following pages, we would like to keep records of the most important steps that led to Carlos breeding license. You will see that there is so much more to know about Carlos aside from his health status and his gentle and attentive character.
It goes without saying that we will try to keep this website as up-to-date as possible and to enlarge the gallery here and there.