Information about Carlos (C.I.B. & Ger.Ch.)

Carlos als WelpeErix Beat Music “Carlos” originates from a German-Swedish connection (Amazing Grace Cleopatra x Almanza Double Chocolate Sundae). Click here for the pedigree (DRC e.V. - Database)
Carlos and his eleven siblings were born on the 11th of December in 2008 in kennel Erix in Hoisdorf. Initially, he was the smallest of the litter and was quickly called a “mollycoddle” (e.g.: All of his siblings were out in the garden playing in the rain and Mr. Yellow, as Carlos was referred to at the time, was sitting near the door, just watching the frolicking – today, he behaves in the exact opposite way).
We kept visiting him regularly and witnessed him growing up. In the 9th week, the time had come: Carlos became part of our “pack”. Well, as he was our first “four-legged” member of the family, we were well prepared for this moment. After a few days, Carlos had already acclimatized in his new pack. Moreover, it became clear that he accepted all the limits that applied to him (no chewing on shoes, chair legs, etc.) and tended to be a very swift learner. It was pure joy to raise an educate our “baby”.
Now, a pup like Carlos tends to grow up pretty fast and wants to be occupied according to his skills. Working with dummies turned out to be the activity we were looking for, so these small sandbags became our regular companions when taking Carlos on a walk. Peter handles this part of his training and both of them are having a whole lot of fun. For Carlos, this fun turns into pure rapture when working with game. Whenever rabbits, ducks and co are involved in his training, his enthusiasm is untamable. The first tests have already been passed successfully. We’ll see, how his training will proceed…
Apart from his interest in training, Carlos is mellow, full of trust and dependence and his bond with us is very strong. He is playful, tender and full of will 2 please (what else;-)
Carlos is a registered stud dog in the DRC, the German retriever club, and can be found there by his stud-book number "DRC – F 08 - 3209".

Health and offspring


Unfortunately, there are no news regarding breeding.

  • Stud-book number "DRC – F 08 - 3209"
  • Date of birth: 11.12.2008
  • HD : A1 / A1 |  ED : free / free
  • Patellar luxation: free 26.04.2011
  • Gonio: free 17.12.2009
  • Special hunting breeding permission



Carlos and Peter are always having a great time when working with dummies. The two of them are always ready for new challenges and are consequently attending seminars together in order to improve their skills and strengthen their team spirit.

  • 30.05.2010 - BHP A/B
  • 11.09.2010 - Rating of appearance: Excellent 63 cm

Large framed and substantial male dog, excellent brown hair, proper structure, well-featured head, powerful muzzle, well set, bright amber eyes, harmonic course of motion.

  • 25.09.2010 -  JP/R (236 Points)
  • 19.03.2011 - Character assessment

The male dog is a rather balanced in temperament and kinesic behavior. He likes to play and does so gently. He is dauntless and very attentive towards his leaders. His hunting behavior is well observable. He carries perseveringly, likes to subordinate and has close, trustingly attachments. Towards humans, he is confident, friendly and always mellow during play. He is not gun-shy (and runs through the show course confidently and independently).

  • 25.09.2011 APD / R in Oldendorf - good - (63 Points)
  • 31.03.2012 APR / R in Hasenmoor -  good - (62 Points)
  • 22.04.2012 APD / R in Trebbin - excellent
    (80 of 80 Points)
  • 26.08.2012 Markpröve B in DK - 3. Prem.
  • 30.09.2012 Workingtest Schloß Liebenberg
    "very good" -103 of 120 Points
  • 04.11.2012 APD-R F in Samtens auf Rügen - 74/80 Punkten (Sehr Gut) - 2. Platz



Typically for a dual-purpose Flat Coated, Carlos isn’t only successful during training. Thus, he earned the title of German champion VDH and club (DRC) and has already been 2x BOB and 1x BIS (Best In Show).
At the World Dog Show 2012 in Salzburg, he was shortlisted in open class (top 5) with an “excellent” and just only did not make it onto the rostrum.
We are very proud of our boy and are looking forward to visiting more shows with him.

  • 01.11.2009 CACIB Hannover JKl.
    Excellent 2. Platz
  • 11.07.2010 DRC Spez. Hoisdorf - Zw.Kl.
    Excellent 2. Platz
  • 30.10.2010 CACIB Hannover - Zw.Kl.
    Excellent 1. Platz, Anw. Dt. CH VDH, CAC, Res. CACIB
  • 10.04.2011 Nat. Ausst. Oldenburg - O.Kl.
    Excellent 1. Platz, Anw. Dt. Ch VDH, CAC, Neutrales CAC
  • 14.05.2011 DRC Spez. Diedersdorf - O.Kl.
    Excellent 1. Platz, Anw. Dt. CH VDH & Club
  • 04.06.2011 CACIB Neumünster - O.Kl.
    Excellent 2. Platz, Res. Anw. Dt. Ch VDH
  • 23.10.2011 CACIB Hannover - O.Kl.
    Excellent 1. Platz, Anw. Dt. CH VDH, CAC, CACIB, BOB
  • 03.12.2011 DRC Clubschau Kassel O.Kl.
    Excellent 2. Platz, Res. Anw. Dt. CH VDH, Res. CAC
  • 19.05.2012 World Club Show Anif (A) - O.Kl.
    Excellent 2. Platz, Res. CACA
  • 03.06.2012 CACIB Neumünster - O.Kl.
    Excellent 1. Platz, Anw. Dt. Ch VDH & DRC
  • 08.07.2012 DRC Rassehundeausstellung Timmerlage - O.Kl.
    Excellent 1. Platz, Anw. Dt. Ch VDH & DRC
  • 25.08.2012 DRC Rassehundeausstellung Winsen/Aller - CH-Kl.
    Excellent 1. Platz, Anw. Dt. Ch VDH & DRC, BOB, BIS
  • 30.06.2013 Int. Dog Show Stettin (Pl) - CH-Kl.
    Excellent 1. Platz, CWC/ CABIB
  • 07.07.2013 DRC Rassehundeausstellung Bremen-Stuhr CH-Kl. Excellent 1. Platz Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH & DRC